Review Archive

  • October 2009

– Review: My Head Hurts: Review of “Polarium Advance”

– Top Ten: Spiritual Successors of Video Games

– Review: This Is Scary How?: Review of “Ghoul Patrol”

– Review: In Space, No Can Hear You Curse: Review of “Sigma Star Saga”

– Review: Sequels Are Indeed Better: Review of “Iridium II”

– Review: Mutant Rodent: Review of “Rocky Rodent”

Review: Advance Makes It Sound Cool: Review of “Metal Slug Advance”

  • September 2009

-Review: God Is A Teenage Boy: Review of “Terranigma”

-Top Five: Overly Used RPG Clichés (in order of predictability)

-Review: Why Is That There?!: Review of “Mario’s Lost World”

-Review: Greed Is Good: Review of “Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3”

-Review: Even Then, I Still Suck at Tactical Games: Review of “Treasure Hunter G”

-QuickReview: Leading Armies, Getting Tuff and Going Up A Tower: QuickReview!

-Review: 16-Bit Plot: Review of “Tales of Phantasia”

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