This is RetroviewActive! RvA consists of old games that were once in the limelight but are now forgotten, reference, or simply remembered and can only be found in the Internet through the form of  ROM Images and can be played through Emulators, or programs which can emulate the video game console of your choice.

But what does RvA have to do with ROMs and Emulators, you ask? That’s where our speciality shines in. Many websites which cater to having a vast catalogue of ROM Images and Emulators don’t seem have a vast repertoire of reviews which can really differentiate what games are worth your time, and which aren’t. In short, we review the ROMs so that you can be happy to play them!

RetroviewActive is also looking for contributors that are willing to voice their own reviews on many different games, even to go as far as doing their own specialty of which video games to review! If you want to consider contributing a review, please either send a message to “retroviewactive” or leave a comment in our reviews and we will get back to you, but please only serious inquiries only!

Notice: Despite that we review old games, we do NOT, I repeat, give away where we get these games. All of these games were acquired in websites in which, by legal and other reasons, cannot tell EXACTLY where. So to reiterate: DO NOT ASK US WHERE WE GET THESE GAMES. All we really say is that you are on your own in acquiring these games.

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