Mach Speed: Review of “Sparkster”

October 20, 2009



With the announcement of  Rocket Knight for downloadable services, a follow-up to this game’s plot, I decided to take the time in reviewing what would be the biggest awaited continuation of a game since Duke Nukem Forever (and with the uttering of it’s name, you can probably expect yet another delay for the game). Will it stand up to my strict platforming judging skills or will Sparkster fails to launch?

The plot for Sparkster is a very simple plot which is fortunately left at the beginning and lets the way in to Action. Our Oppossum(yes, he’s an Oppossum. seriously.) is in charge of escorting two princesses when he’s knocked away by his nemesis, Axel Gear. This is about as much plot as it gets really, folks.

Gameplay is…whoa. I mean, holy shit, I’m not normally used to blasting through an entire level with the aid of a constantly refilling jet pack, but this is like totally different for me. Sure, some parts of the game have low ceilings, and that sends me into a tizzy and I usually end up bouncing six different places before landing in another place worse than before, but that does not retract from the overall playability of the game, it’s just better to be careful about where you use the jetpack or else risk losing a life. There’s also a pseudo-roulette wheel that comes to use when you’ve acquired 10 blue crystals, or rarely find a red crystal, and the possible outcomes range from getting a bomb to hurt you, to a full health refill, but it all comes down basically, to chance.

Overall, this is all very colorful place, ranging from the ruined temple to the hidden jungles, this is all very nice to look at. Not to mention the fact that all kinds of explosions even from the simplest of things can drown out parts of the music, but overall, it does not retract away from the experience and nonetheless memorable. I just wish the sound effects would stop overtaking the music.

Overall, all in all, Sparkster is a game that happily and sound-barrier blast through my preconceptions of platformers and I do honestly hope that the follow-up has many of the games that makes this game good.

Score: 4.75/5


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