Treasure Hunt: “Review of “Wario Land 3”

October 14, 2009



Every so often comes  agame that grabs ahold of my attention and doesnt let it go for days, weeks, or even months. Such a game that falls into the category is this next game, Wario Land 3 for the GameBoy Color. As you know, I did an earlier review that showcased the very first Wario Land game, and needless to say I liked it. Will it’s third installment be able to grab ahold of my shorteened attention span? Will it stop me from screaming, “GWAHHHHH!!” and run into a wall, hoping to break it with only using my shoulder? Read on, folks!

The plot for Wario Land 3 starts off as the titular character is cruising through the skies in his plane when it starts to stall, and consequently, explode in mid-air, plummeting him down into a vast expanse of forest. He escapes unscathed, and after clearing underbrush, he comes along a mysterious cave which houses a magical music box that transports him inside it. He is later confronted by a mysterious face inside a temple and tells him that he is the god of world inside the music box, and asks upon Wario to retrieve some music boxes which would release him from the curse. It’s basically one giant, convoluted Fetch Quest.

The gameplay for this third installment are very much the same as it’s predessor, Wario Land 2. Wario still remains the indestructable anti-hero who takes advantages of the enemy’s attacks to physically change and access new levels. A good example would be Wario eating either a large donut or apple and him turning into a huge, obese monstrosity that can break through any blocks with ease.  While he is always at the mercy of each enemy’s way of attacking, he must find new powers and abilities to progress through the game, although it is a bit confusing seeing our anti-hero forgetting the moves he once did in the past game. Maybe that plane crash shook his tiny gland of a brain?

In order to progress through the storyline and through the game itself, Wario must  traverse through the four sides of the music box (named simply as North, East, South, and West) and find four different color-coordinated treasure chests and keys which are scattered throughout every level. While the order is not entirely fixed, the game does provide you with hints as you go along, but feels slightly linear at some points and often you might find a treasure chest which at the point seems impossible to get, but at later points, you will somehow find yourself back to that level looking for the treasure chest that you once were pining for. Oh, and there’s a simple Day & Night system which changes everytime you leave a level or finish it, which leaves to some different monsters and paths appearing during those times.

Much of the past enemies from the previous game make their return into the third installment, while Wario himself sports a nothing more than black and white overalls, obviously looking different from his regular purple overalls and yellow shirt, which is kind of odd. I’m guessing maybe a little goof on the graphic departments, but that’s not really cause for hangs ups(unless you’re one of those Hardcore Mario fans who will Nerd Rage at a very small thing or something ridiculous(In full retrospect, this is me. I’m a big Nintendo fan.) )

Overall, yes, this game has managed to keep my attention on it for a couple of days. I regret to say this, but I was going to type this up yesterday, but the game was so damn fun that I couldn’t stop. You try having a short attention span.

Score 4/5


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