Logic Fails: Review of “Operation Logic Bomb”

October 12, 2009

Logic Bomb? My god..

Logic Bomb? My god..

I’m a little fence with some shooter games. Some of them are quite boring and you can easily cruise through probably a quarter of the game without noticing, or you can spend that same time cursing every single imaginable deity as you use your 20th continue(I’m looking at you, Contra 3!). This is not entirely the case with Operation Logic Bomb as it mixes both loads of action and an incredibly limited Continue system. Just to give you a heads up, you get three continues. Three.

The overall plot for Operation Logic Bomb consists of the player going through a very futuristic power plant as they liberate the workers and your comrades from hordes of all sorts of robots that have escaped from Virtual Reality. They’ve also set up giant bombs in which parts of the power plants have “Dimensional Errors” which are sections of reality that have been turned into purple hexes. Other than that, the plot remains…well, very silent. Through parts of the game, you are treated to plot points that basically pantomime of what exactly is going on. No words, just different actions during the plot point (such as a giant crab destroying it’s fellow comrade to get a point across), but completely silent. I’m guessing they did not want to retract from the action at all.

Gameplay is overhead throughout the entire game, and you start with two simple weapons, but gain more as the game progresses. Unlike some other shooter games, you are not in control of a wimpy human who dies at the first touch of a bullet(Again, I’m looking at you Contra 3), but a more “enhanced” human who can take quite a beating, so needless to say, you got a very generous Health Bar, but don’t think it’s going to last you very long, seeing how you are going to beset by tens of robots, and sometimes, giant floating crabs! Oh, and the points where you CAN regain your health are rather sparse, really. One frustrating moment for me was the fact of the very limited amounts of Counties. You are given three of them, and these are used the moment you are dead, so this game not only ups the difficulty but the frustration levels too, but the overall gameplay is ok, but not entirely broken or ridiculously hard.

It’s very generic looking for a shooter game set in the future, honestly. I mean, you got the large, hostile robots, the flashing lights from every single computer terminal, the large explosions, and not to mention the amount of bullets flying fast and thick through the air. Oh yeah, and who could forget the “thumping” pseudo-techno music that goes on while you play the game? Everything just really screams “generic”, really.

Overall, this is somewhat  a nice change of pace with this game, but somewhat muddled by it’s hard difficulty and limited continues. I would go ona s far and say this, but I like this game. It kept me entertained for a little bit, and this could just a smidgen better. Well, unlike Contra 3. Man, that game is just ridiculously hard. Even with the Konami Code!

Score: 3.25/5


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