My Head Hurts: Review of “Polarium Advance”

October 9, 2009

It works your brain!

It works your brain!

I’m a little bit on the fence about certain puzzle games, the only exception would be the Tetris series and it giving me nights of seeing blocks fall down when I close my eyes. Sure, some of them are fun and exciting, and sometimes damn innonative, but some of them quickly lose their fun and start becoming repetitive, but unlike Polarium Advance, this game tries to make you play it at least once a day. Really.

Polarium Advance is the sequel for the Nintendo DS game, Polarium which both share the same concept of switching black and white tiles so that when the grid is either all black or all white, the tiles disappear and you move on to the next puzzle. Not to mention the different “special tiles” that either stop you, hold other tiles in place, or “multi-tiles” which change color Nothing really fancy folks, this is basically a honest-to-goodness puzzle game in front of you.

Gameplay is very simply and very easy to pick up and play. Although you are required to follow some very simple tutorials before you can get your hands wet with puzzle goodness, it is overall a very nice and almost soothing experience. After the tutorial, you have two simple options one being “Stage Mode” and the other being “Time Attack”. Stage Mode has different modes you can play, starting with Daily Polarium, which asks you to punch in your current date and you are left, with basically, with 365 LEVELS to play with, hence “Daily Polarium”. There is also a reference mode, in which you can overlook the different puzzles which are made up of Eight Groups that you unlocked while playing Daily Polarium. Aside from unlocked puzzles and the daily ones you can play for a while, there is also the option of creating Custom tile settings and editing past ones, which add a little bit of replay value, but if only for a short while.

There is not much you CAN expect from such a soothing game such as Polarium, only for the fact that there is some very simple graphics and small flourishes. It’s very soothing to look at.

Overall, this is could be construed as either a fun game which will make your mind think in different ways as you try to solve a puzzle, or it will bore you to death by it’s simple or simply frustrate you with the puzzles.

Score: 3/5


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