Sequels Are Indeed Better: “Review of “Iridium 2”

October 2, 2009

Stuff Goes Boom

Stuff Goes Boom

It is often considered that sequels of anything (movies, games, books) are more better than their original counterparts, seeing how the people who originally made this looked over the problems of the first and made the second if not, slightly better, This is exactly the case with Iridion II, a scrolling shooter GameBoy Advance video game that was made by Shi’En. This is the direct sequel of their first game, Iridion 3D.

Iridion II’s plot starts 100 years after the events of the first game, and now Humans are now venturing into space and colonizing planets that were once part of the Iridion home galaxy, but things quickly change after many years of silence, the Iridion have returned, intent on attacking the Humans and retaking their home planets. It all boils down to the simple sentence “In Space, Humans Invade You!”

Gameplay for Iridion II remains surprisingly simple as you lead the defense forces  in five different solar systems and destroy a large Iridion ship. You also have from one of six different weapons at the start of each level, which can be upgraded automatically(or not, if you so choose to) and up to two more Satellites can follow you for added firepower or they can strengthen your ship’s shields and prevent an unlikely death happening. There is also three different difficulty options, so you can either take it easy or have a real challenge. Once you finish the game, you are treated with a Boss-Attack Mode, or a regular Arcade Mode, which are all fun and nice if you ever want to relieve some nostalgia. Granted, I was playing this game on Easy difficulty, but that mode seemed like a total cakewalk, really.

The overall look of the game looks to be 3D, which is really creative to do, but seems a little blocky sometimes. If it wasn’t for the limited specs of the Gameboy Advance, this would have looked so much better, but at least you can take pride in watching a giant spider-like ship destroy in a series of blasts, which all by itself is pretty frickin’ cool.

The music for the game has a unique mode in which you can change the Leads, Chords, Drums and Bass of the title theme and throughout the four songs, but I kinda wished there was a little more to this than changing some beats, but the overall uniqueness does not fade away.

Overall, this is a fun shooter game in which one can spend the time away by shooting sparingly descripted aliens, and futzing around with some phat beats, but left some things which could have made this game better.

Score: 4/5

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