Mutant Rodent: Review of “Rocky Rodent”

October 2, 2009

Rodent or Hyena? Discuss.

Rodent or Hyena? Discuss.

Every so often, I look through a bunch of games that either made me wish I had not played it, or wish that I do not see it in the first place. This is such the case with Rocky Rodent a game that was released on the SNES in 1993 by IREM USA. There are so many questions that I have for this game, and a lot of them remain unanswered. I really wonder why I reviewed this game.

Rocky Rodent’s plot remains simple and light through the beginning of the game, but remains almost non-existent throughout the rest of the game. It details of the game’s titular character doing yet another Dine n’ Dash(he’s actually NOTORIOUS of doing that) and being left with an offer he cannot refuse: Save the daughter of a popular restaurant’s owner and be rewarded with an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, free of charge. That’s all there is to it. Well, except for the fact that you go through some apartments(which are spooooooookily haunted with Slimer rip-offs) an that’s pretty much it for the plot.

Gameplay is in a way, creative, if not slightly used. It’s not that it’s hard(it is), it’s the fact that the game takes a lot of pages from Contra and the NES-Era games that makes the game frustrating. You have two lives, and the only way to not die so quickly is by using power-ups, which are in the form of four different cans of hair spray(ranging from a hairdo that looks like a spike to having a Mohawk capable of being thrown like a boomerang). You also run the risk of being beset by gangster armadillos, giant walking mouses with a bad disposition, cans of…oil, and like I said before, Slimer rip-offs, and the fact of instantly dying if you so much as touch them(you can take two hits if you’re sporting a ‘do). Overall, this game has some elements from the Mario & Sonic Series, but fails and ends up way too short. In short, it’s frustrating as hell.

Despite the overall bland look of the game, ther ewas something that stood out from the game, Rocky himself. I…I’m confused over to WHAT he is. Is he a rodent? Is he a hyena? Is he the mutant pixel version of the World’s Ugliest Dog? I’m not really sure, but he sort of scares me. Plus, not to mention that the death animation of him basically consists of him freezing up and eking out one final twitch. It’s disturbing.

As for sound, it is one of the few things I like about this game. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly sold on it and it’s the sole redeeming thing, but it’s alright. The music itself is sort of catchy at some points and almost good, but overall, it’s ok.

Overall, I wish I was not so hung up on this game because of the…thing that you play, but really, it’s one of those few times I can’t help but to BE hung up about it. Then again, not all games are made with fat italian plumbers and blazing blue hedgehogs with attitude.

Score: 1/5

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