Even Then, I Still Suck at Tactical Games: Review of “Treasure Hunter G”

September 18, 2009

I wonder what the G stands for.

I wonder what the G stands for.

Treasure Hunter G for the SNES is a turn-based tactical RPG that was made by Sting Entertainment released in 1996. It was later re-released into Nintendo’s Virtual Console for the Wii in Japan during the year 2007 and was published by Square(who would later become Square Enix)

Treasure Hunter G tells of a story of a man known as Brown G who is most widely known for telling tall tales and hunting for rare treasures who later disappears off the face of the earth and must later be found by his sons, Red and Blue G. They are later accompanied by a little girl by the name of Rain and a highly intelligent monkey named Ponga and are later thrust into saving the world because someone got too curious (See Sealed Evil In A Can for more)

As you slightly know, Tactical games are not really my strong suite. I tend to have a more or less tactic of charging to my death, but it is not so with THG, because for a while, it holds your hand as you go along. Part of the beginning, there’s a “Tutorial House” where you can learn the controls and the basics of Battle, which involves a grid system. There are some tactical elements, one particular element is that you take more damage when hit from the back (so do Enemies, so there is no worry of being mercilessly punched to the back of your head.)

Unfortunately, I’ve have a big gripe about the way you acquire items. Each fight that you do does not necessarily give you money to buy Items/Weapons/Armor. Instead of grinding hordes of monsters into a fine paste for their gold coins, you have to look for…frogs. Tiny little frogs that exist within a town and that you must find them hidden in bushes, tall grass, or even a barrel and you must sell them to a designated person to even make a profit. It’s not really a gripe, per se, but it’s just that this is common with Tactical RPGs and I’m not used to that. I LIKE level grinding.

Graphics are entirely different thing because the sprites are based off pre-rendered 3D models rather than drawn by hand, which sort of it gives it a different look among other games, but really it could be a bit better. Music of the game is actually pretty nice, if not slightly forgettable and it’s not as Sound effect heavy as my previous review, Tales of Phantasia.

As for the translation, it definitely could be a little bit better. When I ”found” this game, I did notice that this game was not “fully” translated as some of them are. There are still some random spots when you can see some Japanese letters and it’s a bit confusing, but overall, the translation doesn’t really retract much of the game.

Overall, Treasure Hunter G is good if you’re into Tactical-style games and you will have some fun, but if you’re not the type to devise a brilliant strategy, then this game is not really good for you.

Score: 3.75/5

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